Washer Repair Service In Calgary

Derick Allenud

The other night I went to wash my clothing for the big interview I had the next day, I know I should not have procrastinated but I did and of course my washer decided to stop mid cycle. I called Premium Appliance Repair Calgary and they sent a washer repair technician  right out he repaired the motor and got my clothes spinning again in less than a hour. Thanks so much again and I got the Job!

Refrigerator Repair Service In Calgary

Fran Jenson

Was away for the weekend with friends and after a long trip back into the city I arrived home to find that my refrigerator had not been running for days. All my food was wasted and the ice cream I was dreaming about on the ride was reduced to milk. I called the refrigerator repair guys at Premium Appliance Repair Calgary and they were out in no time at all, the guy got right to work and fixed the condenser and had the refrigerator up and running again. He felt so bad for all my food being spoiled we ordered take out and turned a otherwise awful night into a pleasant experience. Thank you Paul!

Dishwasher Repair Service In Calgary

Hank King

After cooking a large meal for my entire family I loaded the dishwasher just like any other night and turned it one then retreated outback to relax with family. When I came back in there was water all over the floor, turns out the hose broken mid cycle. So I called Premium Appliance Repair Calgary and they sent a dishwasher repair technician right out he cleaned up all the water and replaced the hose in a few short minutes. Thankfully there was not too much damage and the dishwasher ran perfectly once again. Thank You!

Dryer Repair Service In Calgary

Carmen Heller

As usual I do all my laundry every Sunday, since it is my only day off. When I switched my 1st of 8 loads I noticed the clothes in the dryer were still not dry and there was an odd smell coming from inside without any hesitation I called Premium Appliance Repair Calgary who sent me a skilled repair man in what seemed like 5 minutes. He came out assessed my dryer told me about the repairs needed to the vent and filter areas and got right to work. In a little over a hour he had my dryer drying once again and I was able to do all my laundry like usual. So grateful that there was a company open on a Sunday afternoon who did not charge me crazy prices for weekend hours!

Oven Repair Service In Calgary

Kate Delhi

When it comes to my family no matter what the holiday there will always be a catastrophe. Last year at Easter it was the ham that fell on the floor and the dog ate this year it was even worse, I put the ham in like normal before everyone arrived and went about the rest of the day preparing the meal and house for my family. When I went back to check on it the oven and ham were ice cold. I quickly called Premium Appliance Repair Calgary and they had a repairman at my home in under a hour he went right to work and repaired my stove in no time at all. The ham cooked it took a little longer than normal but we were all able to sit down and eat a family meal with little to no interruption from the oven. Thank you once again to the entire team at Premium Appliance Repair!

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